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Over the past few weeks, we have been hard at work trying to achieve a common ambition of gathering a stable 40-man team to venture towards the end-game content of WoW Classic. With the robust core of close friends, it has always been a priority to find friendly and likeminded people, that would fit right in our close-knit community. We finally feel that this is within our reach – to the point where all recruitment efforts have concluded.

All this work culminated on Sunday as we reached two important milestones: Our first full 40-man raid group with only guild members. As well as our first Ragnaros kill, signifying the completion of all raid content available in Phase 1 and 2. We turned out to be a little too prepared for the challenge, as we took him down on the first try, before even reaching phase 2.

Good job everyone!



As more Azerothian friends start to reach level 60, we will inevitable have more than 40 people ready for some raids. This is a consequence of being a semi-casual guild, with grown up people that will not be able to attend each and every raid. And that is cool! But, because of that, we took the decision to overrecruit, as it seemed to be the only solution in order to be raiding regularly.

So, what now?

We will continue to raid and gear up for Phase 3, while monitoring the progress of the remainder of the members that have yet to reach level 60. When applicable, we will attempt to arrange 2 raid groups, starting with Onyxia’s Lair, both to generate more loot and to include more people.

In the cases where we are unable to find a raid spot for everyone, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding on the matter.

Meanwhile; let’s work together, kick asses and chew bubblegum!


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